Group Learning Opportunities

My goal is to create the course of study that is right for you. Many of my students find that private lessons are the best way for them to learn the Alexander Technique. Classes are an affordable, communal way to explore the technique, where you see yourself and your classmates change.

“A Technique for Living” is my weekly Sunday evening group class. We explore breathing and moving with greater ease and efficiency using the principles of Awareness, Inhibition, and Direction. Each class includes lying down time and upright activities. Actors bring monologues, dancers bring pirouettes, office workers bring computer questions…and we all investigate how to create less compression in our bodies and minds as we live. Check out this and other group class offerings below. All classes require pre-registration. Contact me at 718-274-7452 or with questions or to register.

Current Weekly Class: A Technique for Living, Thursday August 4 – August 25

For All Levels of Experience – In Person Only
Enrollment limited to 10
Sign up deadline August 2


“When I bring the Alexander Technique into my life, I move more gracefully with less pain. I feel beautiful.” ~ Gail P, architect


Over 100 years ago F.M. Alexander sought relief from his recurring vocal hoarseness. Today people use his technique to ease back and neck pain, alleviate stress, maintain health, enhance performance skills, improve posture, breathing and much more.
Learn the Alexander Technique in a friendly class environment. Discover how walking, talking, bending & reaching can be transformed. Open to all levels of experience, including newcomers.



DISCOUNTED First-Time Lesson During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Preparing for labor? Come experience how the Alexander Technique can transform the way you feel now and give you access to more freedom and focus for labor. Take a one-time discounted lesson for $50 in my Union Square office. It is best to begin studying the Alexander Technique early in your pregnancy (1st or 2nd trimester), but there’s value at any stage. Contact Rebecca to schedule an appointment: 718-274-7452 or

Working at Your Computer

Join me for this small group class on working at your computer. Learn the best ways to sit for long periods of time, discuss new ways to organize your work space, and experience a number of creative rejuvenation breaks. Based on the principles of the Alexander Technique. Please bring your own mat. Class size will be limited to 8 people. TBA

Using Your Voice

Discover how freeing unnecessary tension in your body can allow powerful, versatile singing and speaking. Learn a progressive exercise to practice making sound “on your breath”. Bring some spoken text or song. Material to read from will be available. This class is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique. Open to newcomers and those who want to deepen their study in this arena. Date T.B.A.

Doing Less…Don’t Work So Hard! Yoga & Alexander Technique

Come practice the non-doing approach of the Alexander Technique. In a yoga practice, “hard work” can look like a strained neck, locked knees, your breath being held, or (fill in your own familiar version…). This unnecessary muscular effort takes you away from the solid grounding, balance of mind and body, and powerful strength and agility most of us seek in yoga. THIS 4 WEEK CLASS will explore standing, sitting and back bending postures, as well as the pose that is your biggest personal challenge. Everyone will receive hands-on individual attention and the weekly opportunity to ask questions and clarify how you can apply the technique on your own. Limited to 8 participants. Dates TBA.

Where’s Your Head? Yoga & Alexander Technique

Whether you are a beginning yogi or have been practicing for years, the Alexander Technique can help you find more ease, fluidity, flexibility, and balance. Everyone has unfelt and unknown tension patterns that short-change their yoga practice. Imagine what you could do if you allowed a subtle release! Alexander Technique invites the head to lead the body into expansion. This workshop will introduce you to the Alexander Technique and allow you to see some of your inefficient habits. Class size is limited to 8 participants.

Alexander Technique for Stretching

Are you a devoted athlete or performer? Do you have a daily exercise routine to keep chronic pain in check? Are you curious about Alexander Technique and its applications? Stretching is a wonderful way to limber up your body and keep muscles oxygenated and healthy. In this class, you will learn to: • Clean up your form • Create mechanical advantage • Find more stretch with less effort. Date T.B.A.

Belly’s Up: AT for Prenatal Women

A practical 6 week group class for women at any stage of pregnancy. Care for your own body while celebrating the growing one within you. Enhance your sense of well-being and balance. Learn effective approaches to relieve the stress on your joints. Feel lighter and learn to move with more efficiency. This course covers easeful sitting, standing, walking, delivery positions, and much more. No previous Alexander experience necessary. Dates T.B.A.

Carrying Baby: Relief for Mothers

As a mom, you probably make the choice to tend to baby’s needs instead of your own a hundred times a day. The Alexander Technique can help you redress the balance. And along the way, have less pain and fatigue & breathe a little easier. In this workshop, you will gain more clarity about your mental and physical habits of caretaking. We’ll explore the activity of carrying baby and learn solutions for moving up with baby (instead of pulling yourself down or using some part of your body as a shelf for baby to rest upon). Pre-crawling babies and moms-to-be welcome. Dates TBA.