Alexander Technique On-line Resources

  • American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

    National organization that promotes the technique and maintains the standards for teacher certification programs in the US. Includes a nationwide list of member teachers. You can buy books, dvds, and cds about the Alexander Technique.

  • American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT)

    The finest Teacher Certification Program in NYC. Beginning in 1964, ACAT was the first organization to train Alexander Technique teachers in the US. Offers a level of Associate Membership which includes valuable benefits to non-teachers. Find teachers in the NYC Metro Area and some national listings.

  • Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing 

    Learn more about how the Alexander Technique and Carl Stough’s Breathing Coordination work together. Buy Jessica’s beautiful 3-D rib animation to better understand how breath is moved.


    A terrific resource on the history, benefits, and applications of the AT, plus anything else about the technique you might want to know! Includes a national “find a teacher” locator.

  • Mornum Time Press

    This is a small press devoted to publishing books on the Alexander Technique. Walter Carrington’s talks are standouts.

  • Amira Glaser

    My talented colleague offers Alexander Technique lessons and Acupuncture in Chapel Hill, NC.

For Moms and Pregnant Women

  • Prenatal Yoga Center

    The Prenatal Yoga Center offers daily prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. Classes provide an opportunity to regain strength & energy that may have been lost during pregnancy. The Prenatal Yoga Center also offers Mommy and Me yoga, Music for Babies and Infant Massage and other workshops related to pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Lila Yoga, Dharma and Wellness

    This wonderful center offers pre- and postnatal yoga, doula services, and weekly dharma & meditation classes.

  • Maternal Massage and More

    Maternal Massage and More specializes in prenatal massage, labor support, postpartum and baby massage. We have amazing cushions that allow you to lay comfortably and safely on your belly. We can give extra attention to swollen ankles, hip pain, sciatica and anything else that arises.

For Actors

  • Beth McGuire

    Beth offers private and group workshops in voice and speech, as well as being on faculty at the Yale School of Drama.

  • Karen Kohlhaas

    Check out Karen’s classes on choosing, rehearsing, and loving your audition monologues. She is highly lauded by many of my students.

For Singers


    International mailing list and free resource for singers and singing teachers.

For People who like to Move

For Personal & Collective Health